Hak Man Lui, Dance Student, School of Dance BFA2
Man Tat YAU, Costume and Lighting Design, School of Theatre & Entertainment Arts, BFA3
Using a 360 action camera, this project sets out to create a 360-degree dance video using a 360 action camera, where audience be able to choose different viewing angles while watching the video. Given the increased use of videos to show dance works during the pandemic, this project aims to discover the possibilities of producing a 360-degree dance video to bring a new point of view to the audience. Four students from the School of Dance, and two from the School of Theatre and Entertianment Arts at the APA as well as an external dance artist will be contributing to the project.
Herman Lui Hak Man
Lam Wency
Suki Tam Suet Yi
Stella O Hio San
Karin Lee Hoi Lam
Peko Ho Wun Yan
Jocasta Lui Cheuk Ying
Chiu Ka Ho
Dominic Yau Man Tat
Melissa Lai Ngai Ting
Cheung Tin Sum