Chen Ming Chi, Professor, Guangzhou Xinghai Conservatory of Music and Researcher in Museum of Music and HKAPA Alumni

Zhou Xitao, Technical Director, the Institute of Audio-Visual and Lighting Technology of Guangzhou University, and Guangdong Zhongnan Institute of Audio-Visual and Lighting Design

Ye Xuhui, Director of Product and System Inspection Department of Guangdong Zhongnan Audiovisual Lighting Design and Research Institute,

Li Derong, Executive Director of Guangdong Guqin Research Association, Deputy Director of Lingnan Guqin Research Institute, Guqin maker of Jiaxuan Qinfang, Guangzhou Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheritance Base.

Zhang Xiao, Associate Professor of the Multimedia College of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Director of the Network Audiovisual Professional Committee of Chinese Universities.
Both "Lyre" and "Twenty-Five Strings zither" are ancient Chinese ritual and stringed instruments with over 3000 years of history. “Po” is the fundamental structure behind the music in Tang Dynasty in China. Drawing on the rich cultural tradition of Chinese music, the production features guqin as the main instrument, using the sound of the zither to create electronic waves, and light and shadow as the real and virtual rhythmic elements. This work integrates oriental music elements, contemporary song writing techniques, and technology. The work will be a new media sound production created with a specially designed laser Guqin.