New Work
Darragh Morgan, HKAPA Alumni
The development, design, research and documentation of a new work for violin and real-time sound design by violinist Darragh Morgan in creative partnership with electronic artist Robin Rimbaud - Scanner. We will share our artistic practices virtually through creative dialogue to shape and interpret this new work, exploring and optimising the use of audio technologies. This new work for violin and electronics is a visionary form of 21st century chamber music with the cross-pollination of two artists working in a developing digital environment. Robin Rimbaud will use sound source material recorded by violinist Darragh Morgan for the soundtrack component and they will collaborate to process an audio stream in real time to feed back to the violinist and mix with the soundtrack to form the master audio output of the piece. Producing this merged live violin, processed sound track is a performative and technological challenge and constitutes the main innovation of the collaboration. We will develop a high-quality piece of music over the next 5 months that will be recorded for presentation across YouTube and Vimeo, ensuring meaningful and long-term public engagement.